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All members of READ work on a voluntary basis with no financial compensation. We plan to keep administrative expenses as less as 2-3 per cent of all funds raised. We plan to utilize technology and communication tools & emails to work and network globally amongst our partners, associate foundations, donors and volunteers. We value every little contribution made and plan to operate with utmost transparency sharing critical information such as financial statements, tax returns etc made available upon request, online and over e-mails.

We conduct activities and get engaged in Social Development Programs such as Education and Research Programs and Activities, Healthcare Programs and Activities, Environmental Programs and Activities etc.

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Teacher training is evidently in poor quality in Indian Rural Areas. A study of 188 government-run primary schools in India found that 59% of the schools had no drinking water and 89% had no toilets. A study on teachers found that only about half schools were teaching, during unannounced visits to a national representative sample of government primary schools in India. To address this issue on emergency basis, initially, we are focusing on working with existing schools that need immediate attention.

READ has initially planned to work with existing rural area schools that are failing and need immediate attention. READ’s first year focus is to work with existing schools and students where the quality of education and infrastructure is very poor and the future of these kids is in danger. We plan to work with all the stakeholders (Students, Teachers, parents etc.) of these schools in rural areas to improve the infrastructure, establish a framework for efficient day to day operations, train staff, teachers and parents to deliver better quality education.


READ has implemented activities with following two schools, which have remained poorly funded, lacked basic infrastructure and trained staff since their inception: Pindarda School (Gujarat, India) and Rajpura School – “Mari Shala” (Gujarat, India).

Parents of these villages are uneducated construction / farm labours

Most parents do not own land to earn their living out of agriculture. They work in the fields or at construction sites nearby as unskilled labour earning minimal daily wages which are not enough to feed a family of 5-6 and educate their kids.

Boys end up going to the farm or construction site to do labour work and girls end up at home, taking care of younger brothers / sisters and do not go to school.

Land for these schools was granted by the government but other financial support to build and maintain infrastructure, train and hire proper staff and teachers is lacking. Children study in open grounds in very harsh weather conditions.


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GLOBAL WARMING “Dhartimata Ne AvyoTav”

To teach issues such as Environment and Global Warming issues a project / workshop was conducted by Binduben and Partheshbha. All work is done by students under the instructions of Binduben.


READ invites you to join us to support our projects and activities. How would you like to support us in our endeavour?

  • Are you interested in supporting education of children?
  • Examination of past 2 years of utility consumption and cost, review of building plans and government and utility incentives, and a survey of the building itself to assess:
  • Can you help us build a database of educational resources for children?
  • Can you help us in training of teachers and staff?
  • Can you help us in design, IT & technical issues and construction supervision of school building and infrastructure?
  • Can you help us in Garden maintenance?
  • Can you help with special teaching programs and school events such as music lab, art lab, special study tour etc?
  • Are you considering setting up a Scholarship endowment at a University?
  • Can you help us sustain and enhance our website?

Please let us know what your passion is and how you would like to become a part of READ.

To volunteer your time, talent, and energy, please send a note to READ on