During an energy audit, we follow the below process:

Gather and analyze historical energy use

Investigate the building and its operational characteristics

Identify potential solar modifications that will reduce the heating energy use or cost

Conduct an engineering and economic analysis of potential modifications

Record all solar modifications according to their ranking in terms of benefit they provide

Share the reported results with the building owner


  • 1 Examination of past 2 years of utility consumption and cost, review of building plans and government and utility incentives, and a survey of the building itself to assess:
    • Structural Evaluation - Category of the building, primary usage of heating process, architecture, ideal solar surfaces, such as existing roofs, walls and open ground.
    • Functional Evaluation - Heating Energy Utilization (monthly and annual energy use), determining the solar heat available from each solar surface, control strategies for the solar energy delivery
    • Monetary Evaluation - Delivered cost of heat to the load including energy purchase cost and onsite conversion efficiency, tax benefits and finance alternatives for various solar alternatives, potential cost savings and economic returns from the installation of solar heating systems.
  • 2 Analysis of the energy consuming systems of the building, resulting from on-site observation, measurement, and engineering calculations, which include domestic hot water and laundry, lighting, HVAC and controls, process systems etc.
  • 3 Prepare a report listing the analysis of findings and observations that will depict the split of the components of annual energy use and their respective cost, recommended solar modifications, including predicted savings and cost of implementation.


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