Mr. Rajit A.R. Arya, joined the Arya Group in 2009 with taking charge of the automotive division. Rajit is dedicated towards the group’s efforts to consciously steer its businesses to become more sustainable in the long term. Part of this, the group is investing in new clean tech businesses such as renewable energy generation and hi-tech agro.


Mrs. Bindu Hariyani is a senior executive with over 23 years of experience in design and business with a record of superior results in a variety of challenging and multicultural environments globally. She brings diverse background, being from a technical background and having a Master’s degree in computer information systems and an MBA degree from USA brings an array of insights in areas such as operations and integration of IT with business functions.


Mr. Jagdish Hariyani has 15+ years of production engineering and Market experience in related fields. He is engaged in providing turnkey (EPC) project services for construction and interior projects and trading and of high-end imported interior finishes such as wood floors, laminates, specialized glass blocks etc. Over past 15 yrs he has successfully marketed and delivered products for over 1000 projects.


RAJESH ARYA Industrial Advisory Board Member

Under Mr. Rajesh Arya’s chairmanship, Arya Steel has consistently achieved milestones with notable landmarks in the field of steel. It took shape to become a diverse group with interests in steel, ship recycling. He joined the Group business in the year 1984. He began with taking charge of the operations at the Ship Recycling unit in Alang. He is an Industrial Leader and has 30+ years of profound experience in Sustainable Ship-recycling industry.

JAYESH HARIYANI Technical Advisory Board Member

Jayesh Hariyani is the technical advisor of 7E and Chairman of INI Group of Companies. INI is a design & EPC firm with international experience in delivery of projects for clients, both in India and globally, with integrity team spirit and best expertise. He is in the real-estate and design & engineering industry for 28+ years specializing in business strategies combining environmental design, urban design, and architecture, infrastructure and real estate development.

PANKAJ PATEL Strategic Advisory Board Member

Pankaj Patel is an innovator who exemplifies a sound combination of the best of technical acumen as well as business & strategic sense, ensuring the ability to take any idea to its due culmination. Pankaj is recognized as one of the 50 Most impactful green leaders at World CSR Congress. His exposure has led him to develop a special inclination towards integrating environment, energy and other key elements to bring sustainability into design.

PRADIP SHETH Technical Advisory Board Member

Pradip Sheth brings over 40 years of experience in power and engineering practice. He has worked extensively in the challenging areas of environment and renewable energy field. Pradip has dual degrees of Bachelor of Science in Physics and Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical, and 44 years of rich experience in engineering practice. He continues to be invited for lectures and participation in various Energy and Engineering related seminars and forums across the globe.

RAJESH HARIYANI Legal Advisory Board Member

Rajesh Hariyani has 25+ years of solid experience in Engineering, Management, Law and Real Estate Valuation. He is practicing and is very active in areas such as Engineering, Management, and Approved Valuers in the development and infrastructure industry. Rajesh also shares his Techno-Managerial expertise at various levels as an Engineer and as a Technical Executive. He has presented in several known Conferences and has been active in writing/presenting technical papers.